Twice a year a unique event occurs in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  In March and again in September the Mitten Shadow even where the setting sun lines up with the two mittens so the shadow of the West Mitten falls directly onto the East Mitten just before sunset.

I made my way to Monument Valley in March to capture this even but the weather called for partly cloudy skies, somewhat of a rare even this time of year in Arizona.  When I arrived the sun was mostly blocked by the clouds but it kept breaking through every once and a while.  I didn’t have much choice but to stay and hope for the best which is what I did.  Fortunately for me just before sunset the sun did break through the clouds at least partially allowing me to capture the images below.

I decided to try to find a different composition, most of the shots I have seen have the two mittens close together so instead I drove around the valley loop to find a good vantage point for the event.

Mitten Shadow

The reason I chose this location is that not only could I capture the image above with the shadow on the East Mitten but I could also capture a balanced panorama from the same location.

Mitten Shadow Pano

Mitten Shadow Pano

Even though the sun never completely broke through the clouds making the shadow more prominent I still came away with a couple of images that I am very happy with, I guess that just means I have to try again next time.