This gallery contains landscape images captured with a large format camera using 4×5 inch film. The resolution captured using film this size allows for prints with incredible detail up to 60 inches across.  Even when printed at smaller sizes the detail captured on film shows through.  Detail and resolution are two major benefits of large format photography, another is the ability to move both the front and rear standards for perspective correction or creative focusing.  When in the field the front standard can be raised or lowered to minimize the effect of lens distortion resulting in an optically correct image.

After the image is captured the film has to be developed and then the image is digitally scanned.   Once digitized the images is brought into PhotoShop for contrast and and color correction to make the image on the computer look exactly like what is on the film.

Large format photography images look great on a website but must be seen in large print form to truly appreciate the quality captured by these cameras.